Munkeby Cheese

French tradition...
New in the North, the Munkeby cheese is the product of a meeting between Norwegian milk and the traditional craft of Cistercian monks. The Abbey of Cîteaux, Mother House of the monks at Munkeby, has actually produced a very well known cheese in Burgundy, France, for more than a century. Before they came to Norway, Brother Cyril and Brother Joël have been responsible for the cheese factory at Cîteaux for more than fifty years! This long experience has allowed them to produce a cheese in Norway that is new and traditional at the same time.

and Norwegian milk...
The milk, which is of excellent quality, comes from the two neighboring farms of the monastery. The monks have adapted their procedures of production and control to transform the raw milk. This procedure preserves all the richness and natural properties of the milk.

The result: a unique cheese, that specialists will add to the family of semi-soft uncooked cheeses. Connoisseurs appreciate its texture and subtle aroma that distinguish it from a Reblochon. The crust, which is fine and smooth, is hand-washed daily during the five weeks of refining. The cheese is stored in caves on pine boards, and turned every day. When they are matured this way, they acquire a character and flavor that will seduce the most exacting palate.

Making the cheese

During the cheese fabrication

Munkeby cheese

The final product