A first building

has made it possible for us to live, work and pray in Munkeby. Situated on the ground floor in the basement is a little dairy plant where we make cheese. The main floor encompasses a small chapel with worship space for around ten, and on this floor are also kitchen, scriptorium and our rooms.

This is not a monastery, it will later become a guest house for visitors who wish to make a retreat.

The road ahead

We plan to build the monastery itself a short distance away from the guest house (around 75 meters) and this new house will enable us to include those who come to pray with us.

Construction work will go through several phases. The first step will contain the church, a West wing with accommodation for six to eight monks, a Northern wing which will not be fully fitted out from the start, and an Eastern wing - with a sacristy - will make it possible to walk under roof from the church to the living quarters.

The first phase will therefore include all the important monastic quarters. A second phase will create more room for several purposes: A new dairy, workshops, and an extension of the living quarters for altogether twelve brothers.

Our project will require extensive funding from the start. The first phase covers 80% of the total budget, since this is a good approach technically and will help cut final costs.

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The guesthouse


Church drawing

Church drawing